The following are examples of our commitment to environmental sustainability:

Building/Construction –
•Non-acid based stained and polished concrete flooring throughout the hospital
•Installation of wooden cabinetry certified by the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program
•Energy Star appliances in use throughout the hospital
•Installation of programmable thermostats and a dual HVAC system to decrease energy consumption after hours and in lesser used areas of the hospital
•Use of motion-sensitive light switches in public restrooms and the installation of energy efficient LED light bulbs where possible
•Use of shelving and storage containers derived from post-consumer recycled plastic

Daily Hospital Operations –
•Use of reusable/washable towels for hand washing and general cleaning purposes
•Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products
•Digital full body and dental radiography decreases chemical waste from film developing
•Use of reusable rubber mats in kennels and on exam and treatment tables
•Digital medical records decrease paper consumption
•Energy Star computer monitors in use throughout the hospital
•Recycling of all appropriate hospital refuse
•Use of products, such as bags, stationery, and other office supplies, derived from post-consumer recycled goods
•Employee lounge and client beverage station stocked with reusable dishes and eating utensils to avoid the use of disposable paper products.