• Digital radiography offers superb image quality and minimal patient handling.
• Ultrasonography.
• Digital dental radiography.
• Able to send images via e-mail to board certified radiologists for consultation when indicated.
• Ability to provide image copies to clients via flash/USB drive, CD, or email.
• Complete blood counts, blood chemistry and electrolyte panels, and basic thyroid hormone evaluation available in our in-house laboratory.
• In-house screening for common infectious diseases and parasites.
• Urinalysis and skin cytology available in-house.
• Ability to send samples to a variety of reference laboratories and teaching hospitals when indicated.
Other Diagnostic Equipment
• Macroview otoscopes for more detailed evaluation of ear canals and tympanic membranes (ear drums).
• Ophthalmoscopes and Panoptic for detailed ophthalmic examinations, including fundic (retinal) evaluation.
• AccuPen tonometer for precise measurements of intraocular pressure.