• Well-stocked pharmacy for client convenience.
• Ability to order special formulations of some medications for difficult to medicate animals.
• Prescription diets available.
• Out-patient surgical procedures.
• Transfer to fully-staffed emergency care facility for after-hours monitoring.

• Nutritional recommendations, including specific diet and caloric requirements, made based on assessment of weight, body condition score, life-stage, and current health status.
• Variety of prescription diets available for addressing the nutritional needs of our patients.
• Ability to access nutritional data for a variety of over-the-counter diets.
• Ability to consult with veterinary nutritionists for balancing home-prepared diets.

Patient Care
• Excellent nursing care with an emphasis on pain management.
• Comfortable kennels and runs for hospitalized patients.
• Injectable medications and intravenous fluid therapy.
• Oxygen therapy, pulse oximetry, and blood pressure monitoring.
• Cryotherapy services available for dermatologic or ophthalmologic procedures.